What are the centres for children and youth

The main goal of the centre for children and youth is to support families in the process of childrearing. Workers in these kind of places form social attitude and try to prepare children and youth to be self-dependant. These centres provide children activities in their free time after school.

Assigments of the centres for children and youth:
– helping in education,
– organizing activities during free time,
– developing abilities,
– developing personal culture,
– improvement of physical efficiency,
– developing
– interpersonal abilities,
– cooperation with families and institutions, which support children, e.g.: schools, medical institutions, probation officers, non-govermental organizations.

There are many possibilities to support centers for children and youth:

Become a volunteer in the center!

Each center usually has particular types of responsibilities. Contact the chosen institution for details. In recent years, volunteering is a very popular form of work experience, acquiring new competencies and skills, and ability to make contact in the industry.

Examples of tasks for volunteers in children and youth centers:
helping children with their homework,
leading thematic workshops / interest groups,
organization of events / festivals,
helping in the cleaning of the center,
supporting in search of sponsors / writing subsidy projects / running a website, etc.

Be an intern in the center for children and youth.

Many centers accepts interns – students of different courses
Before you start to work in a center for children and youth make sure that you can be an intern in this place. Present the program to the head of the center, tell them about your expectations.

You can support these centers with charity actions

for example, organizing cultural events, organizing groups of people to volunteer, organizing time to help with renovations (painting, cleaning, etc.) and participate in fundraising activities;

Your company can participate in the „Employee volunteering”

Your company can take action in supporting the charitable activities for selected entities by the entrepreneur , in this case, centers for children and youth, with the voluntary cooperation of people employed by the company. It is the act of making and supporting the activities of non-governmental organizations by employees. Employees of the organizations are using their skills and provide services to social institutions. Charitable activity of the organization is being implemented as part of a “social responsibility” and “corporate social involvement” strategy.

You can participate in events – trips, holidays, Christmas meeting etc.;

You can help in organizing trips / cultural events, etc. If you have the opportunity to propose cheaper or free activities for children / youth: trips, going to the cinema, theater, museum, etc., or at preferential prices, tell us. Through such cooperation your company can get the opportunity to advertise your products and services and reach out to a wider range of customers.

You can support these centers with donations, financial, products or services, for example, food and furniture.

You can support these centers financially or through the donation of goods or services.
You can give a donation as a private individual and as a legal person.
IMPORTANT! Remember that given donations may be tax deductible.

Important is that a monetary donation is paid into the account of the organization which leads centers for children and youth. Donations can be transferred to a center by many different foundations, associations and churches.
If you want to give some things for the centers for children and youth – contact the chosen institution, or send the information to us through this website’s application form.

!!! Things most needed in the centers:

Furniture, art supplies (including pencils, rubbers, etc.), games / toys, equipment: vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, household appliances, computers, etc.

Give 1% of income tax for a particular center for children and youth.

Some centers for children and youth are run by NGOs which have the status of public benefit organization. The activities of these centers you can support by the 1% of income tax. Simply fill in your Tax Assessment: Name of the organization which is providing a center for children and youth, the KRS number, and the purpose: „leading the center for children and youth.”